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Site Status: 4/1/2021

Post by John Adams » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:09 pm

Right now, the only emulator I am hosting is EVEmu, the Crucible branch, on

All my other emulators have either died from lack of use/maintenance, or they are so outdated the OS's simply stopped responding (most are Ubuntu 10.04 or some horror like that).

When/If I get time (and interest), I may update them all again because I actually think it's cool to see them running -- even if there are zero players.

The EQ2Emulator server is currently hosted on my systems, but I do not count it as an "MMOEmulator" yet. If the project should ever leave my services, I will toss my own server up just to maintain an EQ2 presence here. Nostalgia, you know.

Not to mention, aside from me and Jabantiz, this site has had 2 visitors in 3 years... so I'm not really worried about being in a hurry here :)

If you are still stopping by, well, thank you. That's cool. We're 14 years old, you know! Showin' our age, on the interwebs.

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